“Nyomi Star Shares Holiday Fitness Tips”



“Nyomi Star Shares Holiday Fitness Tips


(LOS ANGELES—November 30th, 2017)

XXX Star Nyomi Star is aware like all of us that the holidays are a time of not only giving and receiving, but also a time for lots of parties and at times, over eating. So, the sexy star who is always at the gym and keeps a strict fitness and diet regimen is sharing her fitness tips for the holidays.


“As a woman in her thirties, I find it even more necessary that I stay active to keep off the weight.  My metabolism has never been like that of others, something I seriously envy, but especially now that I’m passed thirty, I have noticed more of a difference in how my body reacts to calories.

Luckily, I discovered CrossFit last February, after signing up to be a part of my gym’s promotion to be a part of their novice team for the Las Vegas Spartan race.  Ever since then, I’ve been going to the gym 5-6 days a week.  I have gained a lot of muscle, and I am really happy with how strong I’ve gotten.  Muscle burns calories faster, so don’t be shy to pick up some weights. Despite the muscle I’ve gained, I still haven’t lost most of that stubborn fat around my midsection.  I really want my abs to show.  I know they’re there, but they’re buried under those layers of fat that simply will not disappear.  I’ve made myself a goal to run at least 15K a week for the next two months, without counting the running I do at CrossFit or Boot Camp. Two years ago, all I did was run between the months of November to February.  I was usually running 25K a week, and sometimes as much as 40K.  I wasn’t doing much weightlifting then, and definitely it was not compared to what I am doing now.  But I slimmed down so fast with just doing the running, so I know it helps immensely. I know the month of December is filled with holiday parties, and the end of year celebrations,” stated Nyomi Star


Here are some of Nyomi Star’s tips


  1. Small Portions –  If you’re a fan of all the sides that come with a holiday dinner or you like each and every one of the hors d’oeuvres being passed around at your work party, just grab a small portion or just take one or two of those Pigs in a Blanket.


  1.  Don’t Take Seconds – Do you really need a second helping of mashed potatoes and gravy?  Probably not.  And you definitely don’t need a second slice of pecan pie.  If you’re going to take seconds of something, take more salad or more sautéed spinach.  But don’t douse the salad with gross ranch dressing, it better be with a little oil and balsamic vinegar.


  1.  Snack Before the Meal – Many of us just starve ourselves for the entire day before that large dinner is going to be served, so then when the meal finally comes, we gorge ourselves.  Snack on some almonds or an apple with protein-rich peanut butter.  And don’t skip meals because you know you’ll be eating a large one later.  By the time dinner arrives, you won’t be as hungry as if you started eating on an empty stomach


  1.  Don’t Fall Back on your Routine – If you regularly go to the gym, don’t slack off during the holidays.  If you usually go five days a week, try your best to not miss a day.


  1.  Do Cardio – You will probably need to work off those extra calories you ate, no better way to do that than to do cardio.  Go for a walk with your dog.  Go for a hike.  Run, swim, do a cycling class.  Whatever cardio you like to do, I would recommend adding extra.  Instead of a one mile run, go for a two mile run.  This will definitely ensure you don’t add extra pounds to your waist line.


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