Stars share tips on what they’re doing during shutdown



Stars share tips on what they’re doing during shutdown


(LOS ANGELES—March 20th, 2020)


It’s a frustrating and sometimes scary time that we’re living in, but we will all get thru this, and we all have to listen and abide by the virus containment laws put into place. Everyone has to stay at home, but there’s things to do to pass the time.


Some stars have shared these tips on what they are doing.


Misty Stone; “I’ve got lots of paperwork here at home that I’ve got to catch up on baby. Take this time to go over your paperwork and catch up on long forgotten tasks that can be done at home”.


Kenzie Reeves; “I’ve been so busy filming every month, so now I’m doing a lot of cleaning at home and organizing. Take the time now to get yourself more organized at home”.


Rachel Cavalli; “Taking care of the kids and my house!  If you’re a parent like myself, make sure your kids are keeping busy, studying, and staying entertained, and keeping calm, this will pass soon”.


Kimberly Chi; “Cooking new dishes. I love to cook, and a lot of people don’t even know how to make the basics. There’s lot of places on the Internet you can go to learn how to make the most basic of dishes. You can have fun and save money by cooking at home instead of sending out for food everyday”.


James Bartholet; “Cleaning the house and organizing. You should also remember that the animal shelters everywhere have a lot of animals that still need care, and even though you are at home, you can still foster an animal, temporarily. Some shelters will let you come by and pick up an animal curbside. You would have a companion at home to help pass the time, and you would be helping to save a life. Go to for more information”. Stay safe out there.


Astrid Star; “Posting new scenes on my social media, and camming is a great way to spend the time. Oh, and remember there’s plenty of supplies out there, so please stop hoarding!”


Genevieve Sinn; “Pretty much just staying home, and chilling. I’m back on the East Coast. I have a new skateboard line out with my likeness on it, they’re pretty cool. You can order these now, go to


Gia Vendetti; “Now’s a great time to catch up on recording selfies for content, I hope everybody is staying safe”.


Crystal Rush; “I hope everybody stays safe, and don’t freak out and buy a lot of stuff you’ll not need later. I find this is good time to binge watch a lot of television and movies”.


Tia Cyrus; “I just moved into a new home, so I’ll be spending time getting moved in. Hope everybody is safe”.

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