“TS Foxxy Weighs In on North Carolina Bathroom Law”

“TS Foxxy Weighs In on North Carolina Bathroom Law”


“TS Foxxy Weighs In on North Carolina Bathroom Law”
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(LOS ANGELES- May 9th, 2016)
Beautiful and talented award winning Latin TS performer Foxxy has been shocked and disheartened like so many transgender people across the country to hear of North Carolina’s decision on transgender people using public restrooms.
The North Carolina HB2 law has nullified the use of public bathrooms by transgender people based on their gender identity. Known as the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act prior to being signed into legislation, it also extends so much reach that cities in the state cannot explicitly establish their own ordinances in regards to this legislation. It discriminates on the basis of sex, sexual orientation and it is an invasion of privacy for transgender people. The North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, has also called on Congress to act on the transgender bathroom issue once and for all stating; “This is not just a North Carolina issue, it is a United States issue”.


“I’m watching CNN now, and hearing them talk about the government’s action against this, and this is incredible. I can’t believe that there’s still a lot of close minded people out there in this country that have a hard time accepting us and still cannot treat us as equals. These people do not want to allow us to be classified as what we now classify ourselves to be. We are not aliens, we are humans, and fellow Americans, and we deserve the same rights and dignity as everyone else in this country. Some of us are still afraid to be out in public because of how we are treated by society, and that is so sad in a “free” country. As far as being a threat to children? That is ridiculous. How are transgenders a threat to children when I have been supporting and raising four children myself, my younger brother’s children, and I give them all the most unconditional love and care that any other mother would. I teach my children to love others and teach them about the different people in the world, and not to misjudge people. We all need to have more love and acceptance in this world, especially now,” stated Foxxy.

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