U.S. Department of Labor Approved the industry’s union on December 15th, 2015.

Los Angeles, California – May 7, 2016 – The I.E.A.U. (International Entertainment Adult Union) a Mother

Union for the Adult Entertainment Industry has finally been formed, structured, and has received legal approval

from the US Department of Labor; thus, it is now a legal entity able to represent its members.

Following suit from unionizing around the world, with Adult Industry unions from Africa to Australia

(Australia being the first one), the IEAU becomes the 20th Adult Entertainment Union in the world, even though

the greatest percentage of adult filming and production in the world, happens in the US. Therefore, the need for

having formed an Adult Entertainment Union in the US was greatly past due.

The IEAU shall be conformed of all Adult Industry Workers who are 18 years of age or older, and who are not

only employed in the Adult Film Industry, but rather in addition to it, such as those in: the Exotic Dance

Industry & Burlesque, Legal Brothels, Tattoo Industry, etc.

The IEAU has already started the process of organizing a steering committee, delegating functions, and

recruiting members. At present, the IEAU is not requiring any Union Fees, thus all unique individuals involved

in the Adult Entertainment Industry are encouraged to JOIN NOW. All interested individuals should visit the

IEAU website at: www.entertainmentadultunion.com.

It shall be stressed that the IEAU has been working since day one and apart from having established a steering

committee conformed by different members from within the industry, it has already created two local chapter-
unions which are currently recruiting, taking nominations, and getting ready to vote on their first officers.

These two first locals are the APAG (Adult Performers Actors Guild) and the Local 424 AFC or the Adult Film

Crew. And they are an example of other future local chapters which will be able to form under the general

umbrella of the IEAU.

The one Adult Performer who decided to take one last stab at forming a union Fully Recognized by the

government and which would serve the entirety of its members stated: “This industry is my home, and we have

deep issues that we need to fix. We want to share in the rights of all workers, of all other industries, and as such

support Social Security, disability insurance, and above all the right to a united voice…”

Thus, the IEAU encourages all Adult Industry Workers to JOIN and to truly be a part of changing history and

bettering the lives of all workers and their families. The time is NOW.


For all Additional Inquiries Please Contact:

Elizabeth Thomas,

International President


Phone: (818) 917 – 4378